About v4

Hi! It's Nebelung. I know this is Echo's blog, but I'm making a little post about version 4 of the site.

The website you are on now is v4! I started this version with the vision of a clean, easy to use, and sexy looking new version of 3kh0. This site has many new features, like JSON loading for games, new themes, and fun animations and easter eggs.

Fun Facts:
1. Development was started on Jan 3, 2023, just after the new year :D
2. Version 4 was made from scratch, it's not just an updated version of v3.
3. The default and Orchid themes are from the two buttons on the homepage of v3.
4. Have you heard about the Konami Code?

So play the games, add a review or look around for easter eggs, and enjoy your stay.

Hopefully v5 will be even better, whenever that happens, but I hope you enjoy this amazing site as much as I do!

- Nebelung