About 3kh0

Welcome to 3kh0, the better unblocked games website.

3kh0 is a website originally created by 3kh0. This is the fourth version with a new interface and cleaner design.



Discord The main hub for 3kh0 with news contests and giveaways!

Github The source code and development center for 3kh0.


echo-the-coder@tuta.io Main email, you can email most stuff here (no spam filter, i turned it off)

3kh0@riseup.net For formal stuff, like game takedowns, anything else that REALLY needs my attention.

3kh0@proton.me Yet, another email in case for some reason, my other ones are blocked.

3kh0_#6969 My discord is always a great place to message me.

Verify Me:
1. I live in North Carolina currently, I have never moved in or out of North Carolina at any time of my life. If I ever do, I will update this. Any excuse you get is fake.
2. I am the account holder of https://github.com/3kh0. If you want me to prove it, I will create a txt file in the 3kh0/3kh0 repo with your name, and any other information to confirm that I have write access. The only person with write access to this repo is me and me only. Any excuse is fake and should not be trusted.
3. Another way to prove that I am real is through any of the contact methods listed above. It will always work, any excuse is fake.
4. My discord account was created on Dec 25, 2022. If any of this information does not match up, the account is fake. Please message me with the information above so I can bully this imposter.

Main Contributors of v4

Nebelung Developer

3kh0 Developer

Piplup Developer

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